Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bunny Doll's Adventures Part 4

Bunny was quite relieved to have escaped from the maze at Kitten's Castle and decided she had probably taken enough risks that day. Besides, it was time to recharge.

Upon returning to the the Space Station in Sanctuary and sitting through her 10 minute re-charge sequence, the hypnotron in the "Dolly Transformation" arm of the Space Station caught her eye.

She squirmed as she remembered the specific hypno-scripts which she bought and gave to her Mistress to have her install and decided it was high time she try them out.

So Bunny set the hypnotron to Gynoid Primer and hopped into the hypnotron to view the script for the first time. She felt this was QUITE needed as she was now a Gynoid Pleasure doll and needed to get into the right frame of mind.

The script seemed to go on and on, all the while slowly programming Bunny's mind and bringing her slowly to greater and greater levels of arousal. Then it began its most DEVIOUS programming, it proceeded to program "Bunny" to be unable to orgasm without permission from it's owner, designated users, or another gynoid.

Bunny began to squirm at the implications as she relaxed and let the words seep into her mind. Feeling the tendrils of the programming begin to weave their insidious way into her mind.

By the time the script had completed, "Bunny" was quite clearly in the correct frame of mind and just ITCHING to serve her Mistress.

Fortunately for Bunny, the friendly neighbor boy decided to use just this time to make an appearance. Bunny was quite happy to see Sir Kelly and was very eager to prove what a good pleasure toy she was being for her Mistress.

Her Mistress had always made it quite clear that Sir Kelly was welcome to the use of Bunny if and when he desired it. In fact, he was one of the few other people who actually had a set of keys to Bunny's collar and gear.

So Bunny was joyous when her advances were returned by Sir Kelly and he dragged the playful, willing pleasure doll to a nearby gazebo.

Sir Kelly took his time, slowly stripping the eager dolly. Teasing and spanking her. Stroking her massive, dangling udders. And driving her hyper-sensitive body to quivering heights.

The mix of pain as he cruelly spanked her and squeezed and tugged on her engorged nipples drove the eager dolly mad with lust. And she was only too happy to perform for him again and again.

Unfortunately, the fun couldn't last forever. Human's had such limited stamina, and Sir Kelly finally let Bunny down from her bondage after threatening to leave her hanging until her batteries ran down. He seemed to think it would be quite fun to leave the Dolly completely helpless.

But Sir did relent and finally lead Bunny back to the Space Station for a much needed recharging.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bunny Doll's Adventures Part 3

The day was dragging on and Bunny wasn't having any success finding someone who wanted to play with her. She thought she as dressed appropriately for a pleasure doll. She had her dildo in hand, her crotchless, latex outfit, her dangling crystal charm from her clit. But no matter where she went, no one seemed interested in the pink doll.

So Bunny began to wander, and came upon a little place called Kitten's Castle.

Now, there were a few people hanging out in the courtyard of the castle: a lovely girl in black, see-through latex bound on her knees to a display post, a boy sitting chained at his Mistress's feet, a lovely neko-girl kneeling by the stage who was apparently a slave of the castle. But everyone seemed to be occupied.

So Bunny took the time to indulge in one of her favorite past times, SHOPPING!!!

The castle had a very nice mall with some interesting shops. Most of them Bunny had visited before but there were a few that caught her eye and sh made note to return so that she could check on the items there again. A nice cage would be great for Sanctuary!

So after exploring the shops and the surrounding lands, Bunny resolved to revisit when she had someone to share the experience her own kitten...and returned to the courtyard where she came across a teleporter leading to an RLV maze.

"Do I dare?" she thought. After-all, she had just over an hour of battery life left and an open rlv relay set to hardcore. She could get trapped and have her batteries run down. But as Mistress said, "What's bondage without a little risk?"

Bunny hopped on the teleporter and wound up at the front doors of the maze. She stepped through and found out instantly that she couldn't return the way he came. Bunny started wandering through through maze of doors and rooms and very quickly ran into door that grabbed her ad bound her spread eagle to the frame.

She panicked at first but soon became quite aroused. The timer was ticking down and she started imagining, wishing that someone would stumble across her and take advantage of her situation. She longed for someone to come and start rubbing her massive udders and tease her exposed sex.

Long before the fantasy became old. She was dropped from the door and continued on her way.

Stumbling through the rooms, she avoided the spider-webs and suspicious looking gas but still wound up passing through several patches of thorn bushes that tore away her cloths and left her tiptoeing naked through the damp, dark rooms.

Time was getting on and the maze was bigger than she suspected. A whipping post captured her when she passed too close, leaving her naked body helplessly and provocatively on display. Another 5 minutes of fantasizing and she wound up at he sat room. But she chose the wrong teleport pad (1 of two that was moving so as to be unable to remember which was which) and wound up a level below and several rooms away.

This happened three times before she finally chose the right pad and ended up at the exit door.

But there were two doors and she had to choose the correct door for freedom. The other door would "do something nasty."

Bunny took a deep breath, and chose...

As you can see. Bunny chose wrong.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Adventures of Bunny Doll the Pleasure Toy Part 2

Bunny started off her new existence by simply wandering around some of her old haunts, seeing if anyone would try and grab her remote and make her humiliate herself in the middle of the public. But her wanderings proved fruitless and the eager pleasure doll decided she needed some fun.

So her little dolly mind began whirring trying to figure out what might be fun. In the meantime, a friend of her's asked her where she got her CPU. The lovely implant on her back that provided her with the power of animation.

Bunny couldn't remember the name of the place, but was pretty sure she could find the shop at the Rubber Room. Unfortunately, her search proved fruitless. She DID finally remember the name of the shop and relayed the info to her friend. Then decided that since she was IN the Rubber room, and she hadn't been there for quite some time. She'd look around for some fun.

Lo and behold, the Rubber Room was hosting a little party with live DJ and lotsa people! It looked like fun! So Bunny joined in.

The dancing was LOADS of fun and the DJ was just delightful. And pretty soon, Bunny's wife Malin and her Domina (Mistess) bettina arrived on the scene! Hugs and kisses all around and we danced the night away. Bunny requested "American Woman" and then "Living Dead Girl" to dance to. The latter of which she dedicated to her Domina.

Bunny got a little excited:

Once during the lovely evening, Bunny had to rush home to re-charge her batteries. Sometimes being a sentient automaton was the pits! Bunny excused herself and teleported back home to the Space Station. Ten minutes later, she was all recharged and running back to the Rubber Room to finish dancing the evening away...

The Adventures of Bunny Doll the Pleasure Toy Part 1

Last Tuesday, Mistress told me that she was going to be gone for the weekend and decided that I would live out those days without her as a Pleasure Doll named "Bunny".

This entailed me being transformed into a jointed, buxom doll in pink latex with bunny ears, my CPU with a 2 hour battery life, and a vibrating, remote control dildo locked in my right hand, free for ANYONE to click on and use.

Also, to make things a bit riskier, I was equipped with an On/Off button installed into my belly. ANYONE could push this button and disable my locomotion and speech, making me completely helpless. This posed a great risk since someone could easily turn me off and leave me stranded until my batteries ran down.

The finishing touches included a tkPBA relay set to "Hardcore" mode with Safeword turned off and a renamer that re-routed my speech and emotes so that when I talk or acted, my name displayed as "Bunny Doll". This renamer also prevented me from speaking above a whisper, reducing me communication range to a bare 10 meters.

All these little tidbits added up to an exciting time I had to look forward to.

I was concerned about the On/Off Switch and the Open relay. But wen I brought these concerns to Mistress, her response was: "What's bondage without a little risk?"

Now it was just time to find out what kind of mischief the new pleasure doll could get into.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me.

On Tuesday, April 13th, while I was hanging out with one of my friends. I received a peeved message from my Mistress about making her wait for her own slave. I excused myself as soon as I could and hurried to her side. She didn't seem happy.

She ordered me into my cuffs and into an outfit "more befitting a slave" then had me put a new script of her own design into my cuffs, blindfold and gag. The script ensured that I was completely held in her power.

Blindfolded and still being chastised, I was led from our home to I knew not where. Mistress forced me to bend over a piece of furniture. I was expecting to be punished for making her wait. But when the blindfold was removed, this is what I saw:

I knew then I was in trouble. It was time for my birthday spankings!

I was trapped in the middle of Roper's Dark Playground. But presented and paddles close at hand. To make matters worse, Mistress posted a notice on several groups inviting people to come and help me "celebrate" my birthday. And several people were only too happy to oblige.

And one person even decided my butt could use a bit of a break from all the paddling. So he offered me a birthday candle. Hot wax all over my poor, stinging buttocks:

I was crying, sobbing, fighting my chains. But there was no escape. I was effectively gagged. My butt was feverish, stinging, red and welted. But all I could do is remain presented to all who wished to give me their "Birthday Gifts."

With my legs effectively chained spread wide apart, my pussy was proudly presented for all to see just how much I "appreciated" their gifts. I was dripping down to my knees and my face flushed as crimson as my butt in humiliation.

It was a wonderful birthday gift and I thank all those who participated. Especially my Mistress, who planned and arranged the whole surprise.

Unfortunately, just as my ordeal was seeming to come to an end, a woman slipped up to offer her birthday gifts. And after brutally spanking my already tender bottom. She somehow defeated my Mistress's security, freed me from the bondage furniture, and whisked me away to parts unknown...

To Be Continued...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!!

Hoppy Easter from Sanctuary!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Absolute Slavery

Absolute Slavery, or Absolute or Total Power Exchange (APE/TPE), is something that has been on my mind for some time. The concept that the slave is just that to her Master or Mistress, totally and completely slave, no rights, no decisions, no power.

I do not like to use labels because often times with labels comes an impression of being better, one from another. Sub, pet, slave, toy, etc. To me this is not the case. A slave is not better than a sub, just different in what they seek from a relationship. This is important to note both for themselves and for the Master/Mistress/Top/Dom/me they seek to serve.

That being said, I am a slave. Once I commit to a Master or Mistress (in r/l or on s/l), I commit completely. I give up all my rights, my limits, my decision making, and I place that power in the hands of my Owner. Essentially, the last free decision I make is to become their slave.

My world becomes wholely and solely the pleasure and servitude towards my Owner. They become the center of my universe. And I am only truly happy and satisfied when this is the case.

I may not always like their orders, or their choices for me. I may not always approve of tasks they wish me to perform. I may be concerned or scared about what they want me to do. Being the good slave, I must communicate these feelings to my Owner. Reveal my concerns. I must leave nothing hidden to my Master or Mistress. My body, mind, heart, soul and thoughts are theirs. I have no secrets from my owner. My Owner may choose to take this information and alleviate my fears or modify my tasks. Or they may require me to go about the given order as directed. I, as slave, must obey.

For obvious reasons, one does not go into a APE/TPE relationship lightly. There must be a foundation of trust built before the collar ever goes on.

Some may read this and find it all fancy, fiction, and fantasy. "Real" slavery doesn't exist in most modern societies, let alone most WESTERN societies. It is un inforcible. Legally, that is true, which is why APE/TPE relationships come down to the honor of the individuals involved. The slave makes the choice to enter into this relationship and it is by her honor and integrity that she fulfills her role. It is by the honor and integrity of the Owner that They will not let Their slave forget her slavery. And the Owner's responsibility to keep the slave's health and security to heart.

I should also point out, that as I said before, the last free decision the slave makes, is to enter into this relationship, as slave. By this note, an absolute slave may not break the relationship, the collar, or the slavery of her own will. Only the Owner, Master or Mistress, may free the slave once she has submitted.

A slave does not enter into this relationship lightly. And for Masters and Mistresses, beware the girl who too readilly wishes to step into the role of your "absolute slave." Those who too quickly jump into such a relationship with a Master are USUALLY blinded by fantasy, libido, or generally not as serious about their commitment. They may like the IDEA of APE/TPE, but probably don't understand it to its fullest.

I think this entry is starting to become over-long and under-focused, so I'm going to end it here for now. My thoughts have been somewhat chaotic lately. Though I know I will be returning to this topic and probably very soon...

Let me leave you with some links to Essays which are very important to me and highlight my thoughts on this subject as well:

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